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The Lectionary is both a reading program for completing all of Holy Scripture on a one year schedule, and a daily comment on a portion of the day's reading wedded to a poem to give an added perspective on the theme.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Olah--Burnt Offering: Bible Commentary on Leviticus 1 with anonymous poem, A Man Must Live

Daily Readings
Job 29 Exodus 19 Leviticus 1 I Corinthians 7

Daily Text: Leviticus 1

The Olah—Burnt Offering
This first of the Levitical rituals of sacrificial procedure concerns the Olah, which is the burnt offering or “what goes up.” The sacrifice is voluntary and is completely consumed by burning. The phrase “turn the whole into smoke” means ‘make sure it catches fire and is consumed’ [185:758]. The individual who offers this sacrifice does so as atonement for sin (vs. 4).

For us today ‘to make a sacrifice’ means to deprive ourselves of something we value, and unless it is absolutely necessary we do not do it. But for the ancients, a sacrifice was a religious rite offered to make something holy. It often marked both a solemn and joyous occasion [185:750].

“A Man Must Live”
Author Unknown

“A man must live!” We justify
Low shift and trick, to treason high;
A little vote for a little gold,
Or a whole Senate bought and sold,
With this self-evident reply—
“A man must live!”

But is it so? Pray tell me why
Life at such cost you have to buy.
In what religion were you told
A man must live?
There are times when a man must die!
There are times when a man will die!
Imagine for a battle-cry
From soldiers with a sword to hold,
From soldiers with a flag unfurled,
This coward’s whine, this liar’s lie,
“A man must live!”

The Saviour did not “live!”
He died!
But in his death was life—
Life for himself and all mankind!
He found his life by losing it!
And we, being crucified
Afresh with him, may find
Life in the cup of death,
And, drinking it,
Win life forever more.

Collect for the Day
O Lamb of God, who takest away the sin of the world, look upon us and have mercy upon us; thou who art thyself both victim and Priest, thyself both Reward and Redeemer, keep safe from all evil those whom thou hast redeemed, O Saviour of the world. [489:54 Irenaeus of Lyons, ca 130-200]


Blogger Norm said...

“Tent of Meeting” = the Tabernacle prior to its being called such.

“Burnt Offering” = a worship offering of a male bird, bull, ram.
“Grain Offering” = worship offering of grain of flour.
“Fellowship Offering” = worship offering of animal flesh, grain. This is the only offering you could eat - since it implies fellowship to eat together.
“Sin Offering” = atonement offering of a bull, goat or pigeon for confession, forgiveness
“Guilt Offering” = offering for the restitution of sin, using a lamb or a ram.

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