Fr. James' Lectionary

The Lectionary is both a reading program for completing all of Holy Scripture on a one year schedule, and a daily comment on a portion of the day's reading wedded to a poem to give an added perspective on the theme.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Winning Friends and Challenging Treachery

Daily Readings
The Wisdom of Solomon 19 + II Samuel 15 + I Chronicles 5 + John 21

Quote of the Day
For in everything, O Lord, you have exalted and glorified your people, and you have not neglected to help them at all times and in all places. The Wisdom of Solomon 19:22

Daily Text: II Samuel 15

Lectio What one word or phrase from the Daily Text leaps out at you? ‘Comment’ below.

Winning Friends and Challenging Treachery
Absalom is a cunning and thoughtful man. Somehow he knows what he needs to do to win the hearts of the people away from David the king. That may not be difficult. It is altogether human to hate the ruler you know and look hopefully on the one you do not. But in addition, to understand the psychology of politics is not enough. One must be willing to make the all out move to rule. In Absalom’s case that involved betraying his own father, and when he is ready he does not hesitate to do so. Treachery is second nature to this man, as we have seen in relationship to his brother Amnon.

Fortunately, David also is cunning and thoughtful and not unwilling to fight his son for the throne. Beyond that he can still turn readily to rely on the LORD God. As he is leaving the city he sets up a network for intelligence gathering by priests and counselors, men who could not have helped militarily in the field. And yet, through it all, he must have wondered ‘why?’ Why had it come to this with his own loved son?

Meditatio What would you add to this commentary on the Daily Text? ‘Comment’ below.

from Address to the Unco Guid
or The Rigidly Righteous
Robert Burns

Then gently scan your brother man,
Still gentler sister woman;

Tho’ they may gang a kennin wrang
To step aside is human:
One point must still be greatly dark,
The moving why they do it;
And just as lamely can ye mark
How far perhaps they rue it.

Who made the heart, ‘tis He alone
Decidedly can try us:
He knows each chord, its various tone,
Each spring, its various bias:
Then at the balance let’s be mute,
We never can adjust it;
What’s done we partly may compute,
But know not what’s resisted.

(Alternative poem? Include under ‘comment’ below.)

Oratio Conspire to respond with an act of kindness for someone you encounter today. Make it loving, low key and low risk. Hold a door, clean a car, give a flower, notice the unnoticed, make Christ’s love real. Write your experience below under ‘Comment.’

Contemplatio Enjoy what God is doing through you.


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